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      SteelHome -- SteelHome China Steel Price Index (SHCPI)
      SteelHome provides professional in-depth market research and consulting services to global steel related industries, connecting world wide steel trading.
        ● Report Cases
      Steel Steel Demand of House Appliance in South China and The Marketing Strategy
      Development of China Steel Industry and Market Situation Analysis
      Feasibility Study of HR H Beam Product and Research Report
      Grade III Rebar Production Status and Suggestions for Development
      Survey of Chinese Steel Trading Mode Change and Marketing Strategy
      Pricing System of HR Plate/Coil in Chinese Steelmakers
      Situation of Indonesia Steel Industry and Investment Opportunity Analysis
      Features of A Growing Chinese Steel Industry
      China’s Zinc Electroplating Industry
      Chinese Steel Trading in Transition
      Iron Ore Basic Introduction of Iron Ore Futures Operation and Opportunity Analysis
      Chinese Steel Mills' Iron Ore Procurements
      Sintered Ore & Pellet Output at Key Mines in China
      Chinese Steel Mills Iron Ore Inventory Level & Procurement Plans
      Financial & Technical Indicators at Large & Medium Iron Ore Mines in China
      Coal Chinese Foundry Coke Industry
      Coke and Coking Coal Inventory & Procurement Plans at Chinese Steel Mills & Coking Plant
        Regular Publications
      Products Format Price/annum
      Daily Steel Daily  PDF US$ 1000
      Iron Ore Daily  PDF US$ 1000
      Coal Daily  PDF US$ 1000
      Stainless Steel Daily  PDF US$ 1000
      Weekly Steel Weekly  PDF US$ 1000
      Metallics Weekly  PDF US$ 1000
      Coal Weekly  PDF US$ 1000
      Monthly/Annual Reports HRC, CRC, Construction Steel, Stainless Steel,
      Electrical Steel, Steel Pipe
       PDF US$ 1000/product
      Iron Ore, Coal, Coke, Billet, Ferroalloy  PDF US$ 1000/product
      Macro Economy  PDF US$ 1000
      International Steel Market  PDF US$ 1000
      Map Chinese Steelmakers Map  Printed US$ 600
      Chinese Iron Ore Mines Map  Printed US$ 600
      Chinese Pellet Producers Map  Printed US$ 600
      Chinese Coal & Coke Producers Map  Printed US$ 600
      Chinese Ferroalloy Producers Map  Printed US$ 600
      Chinese Billet Producers Map  Printed US$ 600
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