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      Raw Material
      SteelHome Database, developed by Shanghai SteelHome Information Technology Co., Ltd, is a systematic data platform designed for global steel-related clients.
      The Database mainly covers 9 sections, including Price Index, Market Price, Ex-works Price, Market Inventory, Production & Consumption, Import & Export, Macro Data, Steel-consuming Sectors, Financial Figures.
      The system is designed to be user-friendly so users can refer to max three trans-section data at the same time, put different timing period on each one of those, and make graph in types as they wish.
      To set up the terminal and start the trial here. http://www.lakotaarchives.com/application/steelhomedata_en.zip

      • Graph cases

      • Steel Price Index

      • Crude Steel Production

      • Rebar Inventory

      • BF Operating Ratio

      • Iron Ore Import

      • Coke Price

      • Available data

      Item Data Breakdown
      Price Steel 50+ steel products (Wire rod/rebar, HRC, CRC, Sections, Medium plate, Plating/Coated, Silicon steel, Stainless steel, Special steel etc);
      Ex-works price of 70+ large-and-medium sized Chinese steelmakers;
      Prices of USA, CIS, Japan, S Korea, India, Middle East etc.
      Iron Ore China-produced iron ore and import price;
      SteelHome Index, MB Iron Ore Index, Platts Index;
      Ocean freight, BDI.
      Coal/Coke Metallurgical coke, Foundry coke, Coking coal, PCI, Thermal coal;
      Scrap Common carbon steel scrap, Stainless steel scrap, Foundry steel scrap, HBI, Mill scale;
      Pig Iron/Semis Steelmaking pig iron, Foundry pig iron, Billet, Slab;
      Ferroalloy Ferrosilicon, Ferrosiliconmanganese, Ferrochrome, Ferromolybdenum, Ferronickel, Ferrovanadium
      Base Metals Copper, Aluminum, Zinc, Lead, Nickel, Tin, Precious metal, Scrap metals, Rare earth
      Chemicals Coal tar, Crude benzol, Ammonium sulfate, Methanol, Purified petroleum benzene, Chemical fiber, Resin;
      Statistics Production China metallurgical products production, Apparent consumption, Financial performance;
      Large-and-medium-sized steelmakers' production, Global crude steel production;
      Import/Export Impo/Expo by Product, Country, Province, Customs;
      Global steel import/export;
      Inventory Marketplace inventory of Rebar, Wire rod, HRC/CRC, Medium plate, Billet, Slab;
      Port inventory of Iron ore, Manganese ore, Chrome ore, Nickel ore, Coke, Coal;
      Steel inventory of USA, Japan etc.
      Related End Users Property, Auto, House appliance, Machinery, Transportation facility, Container;
      Macro Economic indicators, Investment, Commodity price, Fiscal currency;
      Financial Foreign exchange, Futures, Stocks, Gold.
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