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    The SteelHome Imported Spot Iron Ore Price Index is a weighted figure calculated on the basis of actual- transaction prices for imported iron ore at or into
    Chinese ports. Iron ore with different Fe content and origins are normalized for 62% Fe content Indian ore.
    Price: US$ per dry metric ton, CFR China
    Fe content: 62%
    Regular Publication: the index is published at 18:00 Beijing time, every working day in China. The data collected to support the index calculation is based on
               actual transactions happening during 09:00 AM-05:00 PM on daily basis.
    Easy Approach: the historical data on a specific day or the average price within a certain time frame is approachable once users set the time range.
    Extensive Data: SteelHome’s powerful database can be traced back to as early as September 01, 2004.
    Data Accuracy: SteelHome collect the market figures from vast suppliers and ensure the accuracy by signing non- disclosure agreements with them. But there is
             no limit on the sources, and SteelHome encourages more market participants to involve themselves in providing real-transaction data.
    1. The collected figures include spot price of imported iron ore at Chinese major ports and the current quotation by offshore suppliers.
    2. The ports, at which iron ore prices are collected, is weighted in the index regime on the basis of its annual transaction volume.
    3. The weighting of ports is adjusted according to the transactions, usually at the frequency of once in a year.
    4. The index calculation is based on the combination of actual-transaction prices and assessments from market participants including Chinese steel mills, iron
      ore traders and overseas miners.
    1. Shanghai SteelHome have widespread iron ore contact base, including Chinese steel mills, importers and overseas miners. SteelHome collect the settlement
      prices via telephone, email and feedback from clients etc.
    2. All the overseas quotation is the offer of foreign iron ore suppliers, in USD per tonne, on CFR basis. And the contracted iron ore is to be loaded within four weeks, no longer
     than six weeks.
    3. Collected data include procurement prices of Chinese steel mills, offshore offer of overseas miners and the settlement prices of import traders. SteelHome
      collect at least 12 prices to calculate one final figure. The data over 3 percent away from the prevailing settlements are excluded. The final figure is weighted
      from the prevailing settlement prices and rounded up.
    4. Once few trading activities are heard, an assessment price mostly close to the potential settlement will be created.
    5. If 3, the traded volume is no less than 20,000 tonnes; if 4, the assessed volume is fixed at 20,000 tonnes.
    6. SteelHome is completely impartial and objective during the price collection.
    Fe Content: base 62%, Range 54% to 66%
    SiO2: Base 4%, Maximum 6.0%
    Al2O3: Base 3%, Maximum 4.0%
    Phosphorus: Base 0.05%, Maximum 0.10%
    Sulphur: Base 0.02%, Maximum 0.05%
    Loss on Ignition (%DW): Base 5%, Maximum 10.0%
    Moisture: Base 8.0%, Maximum 10.0%
    Granularity: Base Size1-10mm > 90%,
    Minimum Size 0-0.15mm <10%
    Publication: Daily at 18:00 BJ Time on each working day
    Shanghai SteelHome Information Technology Co.,Ltd.